The Four Major People in a Law Office

A law office is a legal business entity duly established by one or more attorneys to engage in the specialized practice of law. The main function performed by a law office is to advise customers about their legal rights and obligations, and any laws that may be applicable in their particular circumstances. In United States alone, law offices are found throughout the country and they cater to the demands of all kinds of people. Here is what you need to know about the Andrew J. Chamberlain Law Office.

To establish a law office, there is a need for a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to accomplish the desired goals of the association. A law office consists of three major parts namely the management team, the associates and the staff members. The management team is comprised of the Chairmen, Managing Partners, Secretary and Counselors. The associates are those persons who actually do the work of the attorneys and the staff members are the ones who help them with their queries. There are different kinds of associates available at times such as full time, part time, contract, temporary and contract attorneys. The full time associates are those who actively participate in the actual practice of law while the part time associates are those working in the office on a contract basis. Visit: for more information about a law office.

Amongst the staff members of the law office, the most important one is the legal secretary. This is also known as the Legal Assistant. A legal secretary is in charge of answering the calls of the clients, preparing the documents for the attorneys, taking down notes etc. A legal assistant is in a position to perform many clerical tasks and administrative functions. The secretarial services are provided by the legal secretary.

Apart from these, there are other important positions in a law office management team. Within the management team, the most important is the paralegal. The paralegal helps the attorney in his research and analysis of the case details and also in preparing the legal briefs and argument. They have to prepare the necessary documents and carry out the necessary tasks that are needed. The paralegal also helps the attorneys in carrying out the client interviews.

Another important person is the Associate Attorney General or AAG. This is the chief associate who is responsible for supervising the firm and its affiliates. This individual also has the responsibility of planning and handling the firm’s day to day activities. Many law firms have their own version of the AAG who is called the Associate Attorney General. Other important associates include the paralegals, receptionists, office assistants, book keeping, secretarial services, financial clerks and legal secretaries.

The fourth most important person associated with the counsel is the data entry clerk. The data entry clerks are the ones who maintain the record of all the contacts made by the lawyers with the clients. This includes the email address, phone numbers, fax numbers and other contact details. They prepare the documents that are needed by the lawyer in order to carry out the legal proceedings. They also make sure that the records are updated and maintained regularly. Check out this post to get more info on the topic:

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